After much time laser-cutting and creating jigs (some useful, some not-so…) I decided to try them out with the multipole magnetic adhesive tape i’d bought as a way for the pieces of the shapes to ‘click’ together.

Unfortunately, because i’d made a jig to sand away the 90 degree angle edges to an exact degree so each side of the shape fitted together perfectly, this meant that there was no room for the few mm width of the tape! So this did not really work… If there was a way to get selotape thickness magnetic tape then that would be brilliant, but I don’t think thats going to exist for quite some time… Instead, I could use velcrow, which is fair cheap and easy to use.

The use of velcrow would be good with bio-plastic toys that are meant to eventually be ‘broken into’ by the animal…  pieces of magnet would likely be chewed off.
Another way to attach the sides is by drilling an angled hole through two sides for a straw/stick to be pushed through. This would work well for wooden toys for rabbits.

I glued them together for example purposes… as these are made out of shiney, garish acrylic, they aren’t exactly what I had in mind anyway.
Here’s the rabbit testing out a glued together wooden version:

Other materials to look into: Coconut shells, ‘tasty woods’ (maybe flavoured woods… although wouldn’t want to encourage children to get a taste for them), ‘pet biscuits’, flavoured paper for edible origami, fabrics…


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